Works on our hardworking feet with over 72,000 nerve endings,

  • promotes relaxation
  • stimulates the body’s own healing capacity.
  • Similar results to massage, especially good for chronic conditions.


Your whole body is mapped out on your foot. Every organ, body part and gland are treated during a session.

If you look at a foot chart and put the feet together, that is how the body looks on the inside. Lungs and kidneys are on both sides, spleen is on the left as it is on the body and liver an gall bladder are on the right, just the same location on the body. All points of the foot chart relate directly to how every persons body is made up. The points that reflexologists stimulate in a full reflexology session all correspond to the whole body.

All nerve ending end at the feet and by putting pressure on the nerve endings that relate to the specific body part or gland, you are actually sending signals through the nervous system to the area and giving it a jump start. Increasing all body fluids to move more freely is only going to make your body feel better and more energized.

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