“If you wish to understand the Universe, then think of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration” – Nicola Tesla

You can now experience healing at the comfort of your own home 24/7 through our remote frequency treatments.  We can assist with reducing stress, detoxify  the body, improve immunity, reduce pain, improve memory, and a host of other symptoms and conditions. 

We use the Spooky2 rife/frequency devices containing thousands of healing frequencies. Every living creature, vibrates at unique identifiable frequencies that can be balanced.  This is what Einstein referred to ‘future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

How it works:  precise healing frequencies are transmitted  at a distance using your DNA, in this case a small nail clipping.  Your DNA is always connected to you irrespective of the distance.  This is what modern physicists call ‘Quantum Entanglement’.

If you wish to  go ahead with a remote treatment, contact us via SMS or email* to make a time to discuss what it is you want assistance with, then you will need to send a couple of small nail clippings), put them on a sticky note and fold to keep in there, or a wrap them in paper/tissue with some tape. We will be in touch to confirm as soon as they are received and the treatment is commencing.  Typically each remote session is between 11-14 days.  We recommend starting with a frequency detox, which goes for about 11 days, people have experienced positive changes from the removal of toxic load on the body.  Healing frequencies transmitted each day

1: Remove Metals
2: Remove Metals
3: Remove Chemical Materials
4: Remove Systemic Toxins 1
5: Remove Systemic Toxins 2
6: Remove Intestinal Toxins, Remove Systemic Toxins 3
7: Parasites and Liver Function
8: Kidney Function 1
9: Kidney Function 2, Cleanse Blood
10: Kidney and Liver Toxins, Intestinal Parasites
11: Lymphatic System 1, Lymphatic System 2

Disclaimer We are not, nor do we make claims of being, doctors. All the balancing work we do is intended for those who are taking full responsibility for their own health. What this means to us is that our clients are open to using any and all modalities available to them – which certainly includes Western medicines as well as Traditional cures, Light and Sound therapies, Herbs, Acupuncture, Massage, Energetic Healing and anything else that calls to them. To deny all other possibilities in favor of one – is self limiting – and we strongly advise against it. 

To book your remote healing session: