Treatments for Fast Effective Relief from  Muscle Soreness, Pain, Inflammation

It’s no fun living with aches, soreness and pain, when a muscle ‘doctor’ is only a phone call away,

We specialise in assessing and treating acute and chronic problems that produce pain and reduce mobility

  • back, lower back, hip problems
  • sciatic pain
  • shoulder and neck pain
  • migraine, headaches
  • RSI
  • knee, leg, foot

Treatments are holistic, providing symptomatic relief, as well as uncovering and treating underlying causes, whether physical, emotional, stress related.  And we show you simple ways to maintain movement and mobility. Our treatments are right for you if you’re looking to transform your relationship with your body, creating greater ease, freedom of movement, and flexibility.

Remote Frequency Treatments

To give you the most effective, lasting results, a combination of the following may be used:

Therapeutic massage treatment – integrated manual therapy, may include cupping and reflexology
BodyTalk, consciousness / energy medicine – clinic or distance sessions are also available
Emotional Field Therapy & Thought Field Therapy (EFT) – clinic or distance sessions
Emotional Code – Advanced Energy Balancing system that helps pinpoint any health imbalance and correct it in just minutes – distance session also available
Sound therapy with tuning forks
Biofeedback frequency treatment, scans body for what’s out of balance, incl toxins, viruses, bacteria, provides targeted treatment, non invasive, natural and effective. Chronic health challenges, or acute.
Phototherapy Acupuncture patches – wearable health care, with specific wavelengths of light to stimulate stem cells, improve energy, focus, physical performance, anti-aging, reduce pain and inflammation. Safe, no drugs or side effects.
Step Flex Orthotics (peviously Step Forward Orthotics)
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) measures the mineral composition of hair, and reflects the level of nutrients and toxic elements in body tissue.
Tissue Salts & Homeopathic Complexes
Bach Flower Remedies – powerful flower essences to support mental/emotional challenges, your own custom made remedy mixed especially for you

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Australian Natural Therapists Association

Registered WorkCover Provider

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