The Body Talk System

The BodyTalk System(TM) is a non-invasive healing system that is gentle, safe and effective. The BodyTalkSystem utilises the wisdom of advanced yoga, the knowledge of modern physics and ancient philosophy, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the principles of osteopathy and an understanding of western medicine, anatomy and physiology. The BodyTalk System (TM) recognises that health is our natural state and our bodies have perpetual healing mechanisms that maintain life. A BodyTalk treatment can stimulate these innate healing abilities which then allows the body to heal at a deep and lasting level.

Modern research has shown us that the bodymind is a holistic, interrelated system that involves hundreds of physical and bio-energetic systems that interact continuously to sustain life. Balanced communications between these systems are fundamental to good health. The inter-relationships between the components of the body at the physical, emotional and mental level create a complex symphony of relationships that health care practitioners can never fully understand. But if the communication systems and energy linkages necessary for the bodymind to function optimally are compromised, the lack of communication stops each body part ‘talking’ to the other body parts, there is no synchronicity in their functions and so poor health or symptoms of disease result.

This is where BodyTalk comes in. Using The BodyTalk System we can determine what the body-mind requires to reestablish all the communication systems necessary to sustain homeostasis, the exact maintenance of physical functions within healthy limits (e.g. blood pressure, blood pH, sodium and potassium levels) The BodyTalk practitioner consults the clients own body and asks specifically what it wants done and in what sequence, relying on the bodies own innate intelligence to guide the treatment. This innate intelligence can be powerfully activated to bring about harmony within the bodymind complex.

The term ‘innate intelligence’ refers to the inner consciousness in the body, the force keeps our bodies healthy and harmonious. It is the intelligence that created a perfect body from two tiny cells at point of conception and without its functioning every second of every day you would not be alive at all! Some people tap into this intelligence more than others, they have a tendency to heal faster, trust their intuition more, avoid harmful situations and have an intuitive understanding of what is best for their body. BodyTalk can help strengthen an individuals link to their intuition.

The innate intelligence only fails in maintaining homoeostatic balance because its communication systems have been severely compromised through the stresses of life. The factors which disrupt the bodymind’s communication systems are virtually limitless but include:

  • physical trauma (e.g. car accidents, sports injuries, head injuries)
  • chemical trauma (e.g. cleaners, petrochemicals, insecticides and pesticides)
  • emotional traumas that we can not process and release effectively
  • extreme fatigue
  • incomplete healing of diseases
  • incomplete immune response to pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • medications and drugs (including vaccines, contraceptive hormones, steroids, alcohol, cigarettes, general anaesthetics, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants, aspirin, recreational drugs)
  • surgery
  • difficult labour and birth
  • exposure to artificial energy fields and electronic devices (computers, TVs, VCRs, microwave ovens, high voltage electrical wires etc)
  • Dehydration

These can prevent the correct functioning of the central nervous system, meridians and chakras, blood supply, immune system, organs, hormones, the cranio-sacral and musculo-skeletal systems leading to dysfunction, pain and disease, depression and stress.

The BodyTalk System gives the practitioner protocols to be able to assess all the systems of the body for dysfunction. The practitioner can consult the ‘innate intelligence’ via neurological bio-feedback (muscle testing) to discover where these dysfunctions in communication lie. As every individual is so unique only their innate intelligence knows what is to be balanced and in what order, therefore using The BodyTalkSystem, we ask each individual body what needs balancing, rather than imposing our diagnosis on the client.

Once the problem is located, an advanced Yoga technique is used which consists of simple light bilateral tapping on the head and then on the heart. The combination of isolation of the problem area whilst stimulating the brain allows the body to communicate its needs to the brain and which then literally tells the body-mind what is wrong. If the brain doesn’t know what is wrong it doesn’t know that it needs fixing. It has been shown when a patient is linked up to an EEG when this occurs, the parts of the brain associated with the problem areas go through a massive amount of brain wave activity. This appears to have the effect of stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself utilising this improved communication system.

Tapping the chest stimulates the heart to remember the newly corrected memory of ‘what should be’ (ie. knowing it ‘by heart’) and as the heart ‘pumps’ information to the rest of the body this allows every cell in the body to know about the corrected energy patterns. Tapping the sternum encourages the heart to store the corrected energy patterns in the body’s cellular memory so the cells can replicate with the newly corrected code instead of the old damaged patterns thereby continuing the healing process, long after the session is over.

Clinical results have shown that once the communication systems have been re-established and the bodymind synchronized, the body is capable of improving its function at a deep and lasting level. As the BodyTalk practitioner is really teaching the body to return itself to homeostasis, this means that the healing process becomes automatic for the client. Fewer treatments are required when working with this type of balancing.

BodyTalk has been found to be effective for a wide range of disorders, including:

  • Headaches, migraines, neck and back pain
  • Poor posture and coordination
  • Joint pain and stiffness, injuries from trauma and sports
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections
  • Learning disabilities and dyslexia, behavioural problems
  • Allergies to foods and other substances
  • Abdominal pain and dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrom, hiatus hernia, constipation
  • Hormonal and reproductive disorders, period pain and PMS
  • Abnormal blood sugar levels, causing food cravings and fatigue
  • Heavy metal and chemical toxicity
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears, phobias and deep-seated emotional trauma
  • Cell damage due to vaccines, antibiotics, alcohol, drugs and other poisons
  • Chronic ill health,
  • Respiratory and circulatory malfunction
  • Lymphatic disorders

BodyTalk practitioners believe that connecting powerfully in this way to one’s healing capacity and teaching the body to heal itself is the truest sense of health care. BodyTalk practitioners help support the natural processes of life and help create a bridge between intuitive and intellectual knowledge, Eastern and Western medicine so both can be drawn upon to provide the most effective balance for each client. The BodyTalkSystem is the new paradigm for health care in the new millenium.