Therapeutic Massage Treatments for Fast Effective Relief from  Muscle Soreness, Pain, Inflammation

It’s no fun living with aches, soreness and pain, when a muscle ‘doctor’ is only a phone call away,

We specialise in assessing and treating acute and chronic problems that produce pain and reduce mobility

.           back , lower back, hip problems

.           sciatic pain,

.           shoulder and neck pain

.           migraine, headaches

.           RSI

.           knee, leg, foot

Treatments are holistic, providing symptomatic relief, as well as  uncovering and treating underlying causes, whether physical, emotional, stress related.  And we show you simple ways to maintain movement and mobility

Our treatments are right for you if you’re looking to transform your relationship with your body, creating greater ease, freedom of movement,and flexibility..

Provides fast, effective relief from muscular pain, as well as stress due to physical, mental or emotional fatigue.

To book your appointment email us or call 0417 032 644