Align Your Feet!

Step Flex Orthotics are the shape of a perfect foot. Your feet will gradually adapt and conform to this correct shape, thus enabling them to work more like nature intended. Step Flex Orthotics flex as you walk, much like walking barefoot on sand, grass, dirt, mud and gravel. You can expect relief from aches and pains caused by poor alignment.

Step Flex Orthotics

Authorised distributor of Step Flex Orthotics, flexing orthotics that actually correct the feet. Made in Germany. Sufferers of back pain, bunions, heel pain, sore knees or hips, and sore, tired feet by the end of the day are invited to make an appointment for an appraisal.

Have a free appraisal and fitting

This process takes about 15 minutes, free of charge and without any obligation. If you still aren’t convinced, you can take your footprint measurement with you and do more research. This means that if you wish to buy your orthotics later, you can do so over the phone, as your correct size is written on the footprint that you take with you. We do not keep any information about you until such time as you decide to make a purchase.

During the fitting we will take an impression of your footprint, explain what that is likely to mean to your body, select a pair to suit the bone structure of your feet, put them in your shoes and send you on a small walk in them. By this time you will have a good understanding of what Step Flex is all about. Remember, all this is cost-free and obligation-free. You pay nothing unless you choose to keep the orthotics.


To book your appointment email us or call 0417 032 644