MicroGen is the world’s most advanced FDA registered portable frequency therapy device, designed to assist people and animals
overcome a vast range of health issues.
MicroGen can be programmed to become a Bob Beck Blood Purifier, Hulda Clark Zapper, micro-current or high-power frequency
device. No other portable frequency device can match MicroGen for features or performance:

. Simple to program
Connect MicroGen to the computer, turn the generator on, select your treatment programs, and transfer the programs to MicroGen.
You’re then good to go!

. Massive free database
MicroGen uses the world’s largest database which is continuously updated. You can download and install database updates for free,
for life. The MicroGen database over 50,000 programs and 350,000 frequencies, and it is regularly updated to catch the latest strains
of viruses, bacteria and parasites. There will be something for you.
Search for your health concern in the software and select the programs best suited to your needs.

. One-button operation
MicroGen has one button. Long press turns MicroGen on or off. Short presses select the power level.
Micro-current treatment capability.  MicroGen has low-power mode with current-limiting for micro-current treatments.

. Charge from any USB port
The battery is easily recharged from any computer, phone battery pack or mains adapter USB port. Recharging typically takes 5
hours. After 5 hours, MicroGen automatically calibrates the charge indication LEDs. For extended treatments, MicroGen can be run
continuously from a USB port without risk of damage.

It is a very convenient and affordable portable healing device, FDA registered.

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