What if you could train the body to rid itself of illness?

What if you could train the body to rid itself of illness, quickly and painlessly by utilizing its natural, innate ability to heal…

What if you had specific techniques to activate the body to

.            heal DNA damage and allegies as a result of  toxins, vaccines…

.            clear viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi

.            balance the entire musculo-skeletal system and cranio-sacral mechanism

.            improve memory, learning disabilities and brain damage

.            overcome chronic health issues

What if…you could learn all this and much more in a four day course.  Simple, effective, no hard physical work, expensive machines or complicated diagnostics.

Individuals interested in a huge improvement to their own health and wellbeing and that of  family and friends.  Health practitioners including naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, kineseologists, body workers – wishing to dramatically improve the results they are getting, facilitating clients to connect profoundly to their healing capability, retraining their body to heal itself, all this without hard physical work or expensive machines.