Your health is too important to leave to ‘experts’…

‘Getting it wrong ….as usual, conventional doctors are teaching unsuspecting women they can strengthen their bones by taking calcium supplements. Well, after all, osteoporosis is caused by lack of calcium, isn’t it?


It’s a whole body nutritional disease and magnesium is the main deficiency.  If it was, answer me this:

Why is it that in China women never get osteoporosis, and they don’t include dairy products in their diet; yet American women, with the highest intake of dairy products in the world, also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis?

It doesn’t make sense, if calcium was the problem it should be the other way round.

Did you know that, in fact, more women die of fracture of the femur in the US than die of breast cancer?

Yet all you hear is “take calcium supplements”. “Take Fosamax,” and all the other deadly bisphosphonate junk.

Calcium is the last thing we need, as I keep saying. Calcium is aging! Calcium deposits mean decay!

Calcium deposits in your coronary arteries is the number one marker we have for risk of heart attack! Calcium deposits in the joints means arthritis! Calcium deposits in the brain mean senility. Hardening of the arteries is lethal and needs to be reversed.

Calcium won’t go into bones selectively; we get it everywhere. The whole thing is preposterously stupid—but it lives on in the mythology called orthodox medicine.

Now a new paper has backed up everything I’ve been saying for over two decades: calcium supplements are bad news.

An analysis of close to a dozen clinical trials involving about 12,000 patients found calcium supplementation to be associated with a 20% to 30% increase in heart attack risk (but not deaths or strokes).

The study appears today in the journal BMJ Online First [Bolland, M.J. BMJ Online First, July 30, 2010].

In an editorial published with the study, the researchers write that calcium supplements alone do not prevent fractures and may even slightly increase fracture risk.’

A more personal experience relating to this information, is one of my relatives that died not long ago in her late 40’s from complications of cancer treatment, an autopsy showed she had a lot of undigested calcium tablets in her digestive tract…

The price of ‘ignorance’ is too expensive when it comes to our health, the answer is to get educated from trully independent sources that don’t stand to gain from the treatment or medication they  recommend.  With search engines like Google there is really no excuse…

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