Older does not mean sick or rattling with pills, or been miserable and unhappy… This lady shows us her secret

Over two years, 91-year-old Ann Kahl racked up $0 in health care costs and currently takes no regular prescription medications. She attributes daily activity for bringing her health, happiness and strength. Growing Bolder talks to Ann about being subjected 24/7 to messages that tell us what aging is supposed to be like and how she overcomes it.


It is great to see that health is mostly in our control, making good choices about what to feed the body and keeping it active and fit. 

The science of epigenetics shows that to be true, Dr Bruce Lipton goes into this in greater depth https://www.brucelipton.com/



Boosting Immune System, protecting against virus with Frequencies

In my practice and for personally, I have found frequencies to be an effective, and non intrusive way to improve almost any health condition.  I mostly use rife frequencies.  And I have been a fan of Jill Mattson’s sound/frequencies, here she is offering free Frequencies for Defense ~ Sound Healing Protection for your Immune System against the CoronavirusCoronaVirusDefense.org.


How to reduce pain/inflammation and improve health & longevity – ground breaking “The China Study”

Groundbreaking work of Dr Colin Campbell, Cornell University, isolating the cause of diseases that are ravaging our world, heart, cancer, medicine side effects, diabetes.  The ‘cures’ become self evident and liberating, it would appear our genes are only 3-5% responsible for our health problems, the main causes are environmental, mostly what we put in our mouth….

The China Study, a definite research project, called the grand priz of nutritional studies, puts you on the driver’s seat