Just received an email from a per-eminent and highly respected health educator Don Tolman, about making sure the sunscreen one uses is helping rather than making your body toxic.
This is an excerpt well worth reading:

‘Whenever summer comes around, I find it sad that the masses think it’s ok to lather themselves in chemical-based (commercial) sunscreen for ‘sun protection’.

Most people have no idea that these products contain Parabens and other toxic ingredients that cause more harm than good!

For decades I’ve been ‘barking’ this stuff…and thankfully today, there are some wonderful companies out there who are putting people’s health first by making available non-toxic, natural sun care products that protect, nourish and heal the skin.’
Do a little research and you’ll find the right products, failing that organic food grade coconut oil is a great alternative, has a 7-9 sunscreen effect, and its actually nourishing you and your skin.


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